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For the musical world, the last year has been quite challenging. As travel has become most times impossible, musicians have far less opportunities to participate in musical events and activities, losing a lot of chances to learn, develop and express their passion.

Ars Nova wants to facilitate musical interaction. We want to give students the opportunity to learn and have contact with internationally renowned teachers, by organizing an online masterclass.

The masterclass is open to all pianists, violinists, violists and cellists regardless of age, level or nationality. It is open to all those who wish to benefit from the advice of experienced teachers.

The participants will receive 2 or more private lessons and some lectures. In addition, there will be an online concert given by the teachers of the masterclass.

Course organization

-   The participant will receive 2 x 60 'of individual lessons

-   Participants have the option to view any lessons by any teachers

-   There will be an online concert

-   There will be a certificate send at the end of the masterclass for your attendance

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