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Kai Orlinov

Bulgaria, 2004

- Born in 2004, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

- 2012, Kai started playing the violin at the age of 8 and in the same year he is admitted as a student at the National Music School of Sofia, Bulgaria - "Lyubomir Pipkov". His main violin teacher is prof. Blagorodna Taneva.

He is a winner of the following competition awards:

- "International Competition for Young Violinists, Nish City" - Serbia, 2013 - first prize.

- Laureate at the "International Young Virtuoso Competition, Sofia" (2015) - second prize.

- Orfeeva Darba, Sofia (2015) - first prize and gold medal.

- Laureate Award and First Prize at the "International Competition Nedyalka Simeonova" - Haskovo.

- First Prize and Special Prize (of the Union of Music and Dance Practitioners) at the "12th National Competition for Students - Accompanying Students, Pleven 2017"

- First prize at the "International E- MUSE competition" in Greece, Athens, plus an award for a young rising star –April, 2017

- First Price at the "International Competition for Young Violinists Leonid Kogan 2018", Brussels, Belgium

- Winner of the "22nd International Youth Music Competition Hopes, Talents, Masters" - Dobrich, 2018

- Winner of the Grand Prix at the "International Music And Earth Competition - Sofia 2019".

- Winner of the First Prize at the International Competition Assen Diamandiev-Borovets 2020

- Winner of the First Special Prize of the Sixth International Competition - Odin 2021

- Grand Prix in the 1st International vocal and instrumental competition "Astana Vision Contest".

Kai Orlinov
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