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Article 1: Kreutzer International Music Competition is open to young violinists and strings chamber music groups from all around the world.

The chamber music groups can be strings alone or strings with piano.


Article 2: This edition of the competition is completely online and application deadline is 15th of June 2021.

Article 3: The competition has two rounds.

The first round has to be sent together with the application form. There will be a selection made by the organizers of the competition and the finalist will be announced on the competition site on the 1st of July. The second round will be judged by the 9 members of the jury.

Candidates cannot repeat the same repertoire for both rounds.


The video recording for the second round must be sent at least 72 hours (UTC+1 time zone) prior to the start of the competition on the 2nd of August 2021. Failing to do so will automatically disqualify the competitor.


The results of the competition will be announced on the competition site on the 8th of August 2021.


Diplomas will be sent on the 12th of August 2021.


Article 4: Fees

The participant fee is 80 euros for violin applicants and 50 euros per person for the chamber music groups. The fees will be paid into the bank account of Ars Nova (ASBL). 


Article 5: Video recordings

- The performance has to be recorded entirely without a cut.

- The link should be unlisted – when uploading the video choose the unlisted settings.

- Please state in the title of the video your name followed by "for the Kreutzer International Competition" 

- The performers must be clearly seen on the video.

- Any cuts or editing will disqualify the performer/performers immediately.

- Participants must ensure that the video has a good quality.


The video should be sent via or upload a YouTube link.


Article 6: If the duration of the video exceeds the time indicated above with more than 60 seconds, the performer might be disqualified and their application will be treated as null and void.


Article 7: Application for the competition:

The registration must be done via the site and the competitors must provide the following:

- fill in the online application in English

- send the scanned birth certificate

- a recent photo (ID photo)

- the recording of the video of the first round

- transfer the competition fee 

When submitting the application form please name the pieces you will be playing → name of the piece, name of the composer and the duration.


Article 8: Each competitor must have their own accompanist.


Article 9: By participating in this competition, competitors automatically disown the right for any financial remuneration regarding eventual publication, distribution of video recordings on DVD and CD publications and the Internet.

Article 10: The jury board is composed of 9 members. All their decisions are final and irrevocable.


Article 11: If there is more than one winner of a prize, the cash prize will be shared between the contestants, and each will receive a diploma.

The jury can also decide not to offer a prize if the level is considered not high enough.


Article 12: All winners will have their photos and biography posted on the site of the competition.


Article 13: By applying to the competition, participants automatically accept all the rules and conditions of the Kreutzer International Music Competition.

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