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Xingzhou Rong

China, 2000

Prizes and Awards

• In 2020, Singapore Violin Festival, Group A, Winner; • In 2020, China Spain International Music Competition, professional Group A2, First Place; • In 2020, International Music Competition Salzburg Grand Prize Virtuoso, Senior Category, First Prize; • In 2020, Brisbane International Youth Music Festival, Senior Category, First Place; • In 2018, Lu Siqing International Violin String Elite Competition, Youth Group, First Place; • In 2018, Ysaye International Music Competition, Adult Group, Third Place; • In 2016, 15th International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition, chosen to attend; • In 2015, 11th National Youth Violin Competition, Teenager Group, Second Place; • In 2015, Lipinski and Wieniawski International Competition for Young Violinists, Shortlisted; • In 2014, The 3rd CCTV Piano and Violin Competition, Teenager Group, Second Place; • In 2014, Schoenfeld International String Competition, Professional Teenager Group, First Place;

Final round

1) Concerto No. 1; N. Paganini 1st mov.

2) Ernst, "The Last Rose of Summer"

Xingzhou Rong
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